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Ashen Empires Newsletter - August 2007
Ashen Empires Newsletter

Subscription Price Reduction
We’ve been talking for a few months about lowering the subscription price to play AE until it is eventually free to play. That process has begun. On Monday, June 30, a reduction price for monthly subscriptions was announced. You can read more about this on the website or in check out the new prices in game.
Earn Tokens
Want to earn some tokens? Use the IWG affiliate system! You can start today in just a few minutes. To get started, simply log in to your account on the IWG secure site and follow the directions after clicking on the "Tokens Earned" button on the right.
AE Web News
A Guild Directory has been added to the website to help new and old players alike keep up with guilds in AE. New guilds and guild pictures are being added almost every week. In other web news, The Freshest Diva has brought us the second part of her feature on IWG's token system, called "Tokens of Change, Part II: The Tilt." Read the article here.
Royal Reception Recap
The Royal Reception, rather the events surrounding it, caused quite a ruckus in the lands of Dransik. Lady Anne was kidnapped by Talazar's minions and her home town of New Korelth is...well, take a trip there and see it with your own eyes! Who knows what adventures might unfold for the loyal subjects of King Lotor...



More screenshots have been added to the website. If you would like to contribute your screenshots to the website, please send them to webmaster@ashenempires.com or follow the instructions on this forum post.

Player Spotlight

Last week we met Sophia, a basketball playing Battlemage from Houston, Texas and Flaming Amarant, a self-proclaimed Champion Orc Warrior from Hampshire, England. Missed a spotlight? You can find archived spotlights on the Ashen Empires website.

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